October 24, 2011

Love for English Literature

Shakespeare, Shelley, and Wordsworth, seem like big words for non-literature students. Oblivious to the true essence of English Literature, one feels that it is merely rote-learning a couple of books and answering questions on them. I was of this misconception too when I was about to begin my o' level. I remember how my mother forced me to opt English Literature because doing it would be a "great learning experience". 
I was strongly opposed to this view but had no say whatsoever. The three years with this subject harbored a great likeness towards it. However, it wasn't eminent enough for me to choose it in my a' level. Once again I was ousted by the a' level coordinator at my school. 
The two years of coping with such an extensive subject lay ahead of me. I could see the bleak future. Fear of being unsuccessful was eating me inside. "It's so difficult!". "Will I manage?". Such questions kept afloat in my mind. I became a coward. It was like fear of losing even before applying in a contest. In this dismal situation, hope came to me in the form of advice from my parents. "It's the learning experience that matters at the end" they said. These words uplifted my spirits. With this new confidence I began afresh. Opening a new chapter in life, I began to absorb. Soon I discovered the importance of learning. My personal belief is that studying English Literature moulds ones character and polishes ones personality. Refinement of temperament is possible while learning such a subject. People often disagree to this by stating that all subjects allow character development. Yes, it is true. But other subjects only concentrate o one particular topic or the other. English Literature interconnects all these topics. From history to religion to philosophy, you name it and its all there.
English Literature is a subject for which your love keeps growing. There is no end to poems, novels, dramas or plays. I am a bachelors student and my love for English Literature has grown to the extent of my selecting it as a major subject. This was only possible after I overcame my fear of failure. All that matters at the end is what you have grasped.


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